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post hurricane inspection

Post Hurricane Inspection

Are you a snowbird? Are you worrying about your home after big storms? You don’t have to be concerned anymore. We are here for you. We will inspect your property after tropical storms and hurricanes to make sure that your home systems are in good working order.

Our post hurricane inspection includes:

  • Exterior perimeter walk-through for signs of storm damages to screen enclosure, patio cover, and vegetation

  • Window and door inspection for cracked glass

  • Roof inspection for damaged roof covering material

  • Gutter debris buildup checkup

  • Interior walk-through for visible signs of roof leak, water intrusion, and moisture problems

  • Electrical panel checkup for tripped breakers or unusual sounds

  • Air conditioning and thermostat testing

  • A full report with pictures and videos

  • Immediate notification of repair needed and guidance along the way


Other services such as wind mitigation and 4 point insurance inspections are available for an additional fee.

Why Consider a Post Hurricane Inspection?

  1. Utilizing the service of a licensed home inspector can prevent unpleasant surprises when you return home

  2. Knowing your home is safe after a hurricane can bring you peace of mind

  3. A heavy storm can break tree branches that can damage your roof covering material and lead to roof leaks

  4. Water damages can damage your un-attended home. Only a small leak can destroy ceiling, drywall, flooring and furniture

  5. A non-functioning air handler (AC) can create high humidity levels in your home and, in many cases, can lead to mold growth

Home wacth services in Wellington, Florida

Why a Florida License Home Inspector?

People think neighbors or friends are qualified candidates to look over their home after a storm, but unfortunately it is not the case. Do they know what to look for? Do they have knowledge about all of the house systems? Do they have a network of professionals in case of an emergency? Every home is unique, and home inspection expertise is crucial to offer a proper post hurricane visit. Florida Wisdom Home Inspections is the right company to look after your home after tropical storms. We are trained to discover defects and recognize signs of damage in early stages. We are licensed & certified in the state of Florida and we have years of experience under our belt. Peace of mind comes with you knowing that your home is being inspected by the right professional.

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