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Condo and townhouse inspection services in Palm Beach County

Condo, Townhouse, and Villa Inspection:

A residential home inspection is a safety measure to take before buying a new house, since it helps uncover problematic issues. A thorough and meticulous home inspection can help you learn about the home deficiencies and help avoid spending thousands of dollars in hidden issues. When the inspector uncovers deficiencies in the house you are looking to purchase, it gives you leverage to negotiate with the seller. The seller may hire a professional to fix those issues or even adjust the selling price before closing. Sometimes, you might not be able to negotiate with the sellers, however you will be able to walk out of a deal instead of investing into a money pit.

The home inspector will thoroughly inspect your condo, townhouse or villa within 2 hours and provide you a detailed inspection report including deficient, marginal, and unsafe items or systems. In the report, we will include suggestions for repairs, suggestions for maintenance and upgrades, and recommendations for correcting, monitoring or further evaluating deficient items or systems.

The inspection includes:

•           Plumbing systems

•           Electrical systems

•           Heating and air conditioning systems

•           Interior components

•           Bathrooms

•           Kitchen and appliances

•           Attached garage


In a condo, townhouse or villa, the homeowner's association is often responsible for the exterior components of the house as well as the structure, the roof and the attic space (including insulation and ventilation). Before scheduling your inspection, make sure to know what your homeowner's association covers. Those systems and components of the house will NOT be inspected within this inspection service. If you would like to have those systems inspected, please schedule a residential home inspection.

Other services are available for an additional fee. These include wind mitigation surveys and 4 point insurance surveys.

Condo and townhouse inspector in Palm Beach County

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If you have any questions, or are interested in any other services, please contact us so we may discuss your needs.

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