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home buyer inspection

Home Inspection Services in Florida

A homebuyer inspection is a safety measure to take before buying a new house, since it helps uncover problematic issues. A thorough and meticulous home inspection can help you learn about the home deficiencies and help avoid spending thousands of dollars in hidden issues. When the inspector uncovers deficiencies in the house you are looking to purchase, it gives you leverage to negotiate with the seller. The seller may hire a professional to fix those issues or even adjust the selling price before closing. Sometimes, you might not be able to negotiate with the sellers, however you will be able to walk out of a deal instead of investing into a money pit.

The home inspector will thoroughly inspect the house within 3-5 hours and provide a detailed inspection report including deficient, marginal, and unsafe items or systems. In the report, we will include suggestions for repairs, suggestions for maintenance and upgrades, and recommendations for correcting, monitoring or further evaluating deficient items or systems.

what's included in a home inspection

Common Extras and Add-Ons

Other inspection services are available for an additional fee. These include:

FREE With Your Home Inspection

Appliance Inspections

Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Appliances are Inspected !

90 Days Warranty

Free Structural and Mechanical Warranties !


Recalled Appliances are Checked !

90 Days Support

Assistance Before, During, and After the Inspection !

Roof Protection Plan

New Roof Leaks are Covered for 5 Years !


New Visible Mold Growth is Covered !

Drone Inspection

A Drone Will be Used for Inaccessible Roofs !


Water Line and Sewer Line Failure is Covered !

To learn more, visit our warranty page by clicking Here

Drone Inspection

Roof Inspection

Drones are extremely beneficial when it comes the time to inspect roofs that are difficult to access with the use of a ladder. 


Since inaccessible roofs are not required to be inspected by foot, other inspection companies may utilize binocular to inspect inaccessible roofs. Unfortunately, this method of inspection is far from being thorough. Rest assured, we got you covered!


Inaccessible roofs will be inspected, at no extra chargewith the help of a drone. We will take close-up, high-resolution photographs of your roof systems to diagnose potential deficiencies that can results in costly repairs and unpleasant surprises. 

drone roof inspection
Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a home inspection? A standard home inspection is a non-invasive visual overview of the accessible areas of a property which is designed to identify components and/or systems that are significantly deficient or at the end of their service lives. A home inspection includes; •           Structural components •           Exterior components •           Roofing •           Attic, insulation, ventilation •           Plumbing systems •           Electrical systems •           HVAC systems •           Interior components •           Bathrooms •           Kitchen and appliances •           Garage and carport

Why is a home inspection important? Buying or selling a home involves a lot of specific procedures, and the most important step is getting your home inspected. Although a home inspection is not a requirement for closing a home sale, it is crucial that you do not overlook the importance of this process. In many cases, a buyer will hire a home inspector to inspect the homes major systems and components. If an inspector finds any issues, a buyer may ask for a reduction in the cost of the home or for the homeowner to repair the problems before closing the sale. Home inspectors operate in accordance with standards set and regulated by the state. They look for unsafe mechanical or structural issues. This comprehensive inspection of the condition of a home can help a buyer understand what they’re purchasing in a way that’s not possible during a simple walkthrough.

How much is a home inspection? The advice I would give to anyone looking to hire a home inspector is; do not price shop for the lowest inspection price. In this industry, you get what you pay for. An inspector, who is not getting paid enough, may cut corners, provides poor work, and can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. For single family homes, the starting price is $475. For condos, the starting price is $350. In addition to your standard home inspection, Florida Wisdom Home Inspections includes FREE post-inspection warranties with every full residential home inspection. This will provide you peace of mind for potential problems that may arise after your home inspection has been performed. Visit our "Warranty" page to learn more about the protection plans we offer at no additional cost!

How long is the inspection? For the average home, an inspection can take anywhere from 3-5 hours. The amount of time the inspection takes will vary depending on; the size, the age, the conditions, the accessibility of certain areas, and the weather.

How to prepare for my home inspection? You can significantly reduce the amount of time your home inspection takes by properly preparing. Once you schedule an appointment with us, you will receive a preparation check list and some other instructions.

Which areas do you service? We service Port St-Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties.

What are the home inspection steps? The client and I speak over the phone to determine what type of services are needed. Then, I look up the property address and square footage to provide a price quote for the inspection. After that, I schedule the inspection, and a contract agreement is sent to the client for review. Within 24 hours after the inspection, the client receives a detailed report with photos and videos through an online report software called “HomeGauge”. This report can be printed or sent to your realtor to negotiate with the seller.

When would I receive the inspection report? 24 Hours after the home inspection, you will receive the inspection report by email.

Are you licensed and certified? Absolutely! I am an InterNACHI & Florida Certified Home Inspector. InterNACHI is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They are the world’s leading association for home inspectors. I trained with inspectors with decades of experience and learned through a mix of field training and textbook education. I've conducted countless residential inspections and insurance reports. I am Licensed in the state of Florida, and I am a Certified Drone Pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration. Rest assured, you have choosen a trusworthy and knowledgeable home inspector. View the "About" page to learn more!

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