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4 point inspection

4 Point Inspection in South Florida

What's a 4 Point Inspection?

A 4-point inspection is an examination of the current condition of a house reviewing four major systems:

  • Roofing 

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Air conditioning


The 4 point inspection might be requested by your homeowners insurance company before you can renew or be eligible for your desired coverage plan, especially if your property is older than 15 years old.

Older properties often have defective original systems that need to be upgraded and/or repaired. As a result, these systems might cause damages to the property which may financially hurt the insurance carrier. To prevent future claims, insurance providers utilize the results of the 4 point insurance survey to have a clear picture of the financial risk being taken by insuring your property and may request repairs prior to offer insurance coverage.


Florida Wisdom Home Inspections specialize in insurance inspections. Our experience and knowledges in the insurance industry will be a great resource to you. We will help you find the potential home systems that may affect the insurability of your property, and we will guide you along the way to make appropriate changes and/or repairs. That way, possible disqualifying issues will be rectify and your insurance carrier won't be alarmed.


ATTENTION!!! The 4 Point inspection is not an inspection of the overall structure of the house and does not determine the overall condition of your home. If you are interested in knowing the condition of all of your home systems, we suggest requesting a full residential inspection in addition to your 4 point inspection.

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Insurance Inspections FAQ

Can I get insurance if my home doesn't pass the 4 point inspection? Yes and no. There are insurance companies that will offer insurance, but they might exclude coverage for the problematic system(s). Often, the only way to get insurance on a home with problematic systems is to accept damage exclusion. Other times, you might not be able to purchase homeowners insurance until necessary remedies are made. Since it will give you a clearer picture of what to expect, providing your insurance company with a 4 point inspection prior to closing is crucial. A house might fail a 4-point inspection for defects such as leaking pipes or a damaged roof that's not structurally sound. If you're not interested in making the repairs yourself, perhaps in return for a reduced sale price, you can negotiate with the current owner to fix the issues. In worse case scenario, it might be a deal breaker for you. However, you will be able to walk out of the deal instead of making a bad investment.

Is a 4 point inspection always required? Not all homes or insurers require this inspection. However, if you purchase an older home, especially in states like Florida, it might be needed. Ask your homeowners insurance.

Can I use my regular home inspection report instead? You can provide the insurance company the full home inspection report in lieu of a 4 point report. However, we strongly recommend that you don't do this. Often, a home inspection will also list other defects within other systems or components. We don't recommend sending all those issues to the insurance company as it might affect their decision to insure the property. The 4 point form completed during the 4 point inspection will be specific to what insurance companies require. Both reports are completely different.

Will it helps reduce my insurance premium? No. whether your home "passes" or "fails" a 4 point inspection does not change the cost of homeowners insurance. This inspection simply determines whether an insurance company will offer insurance on your property.

How much is a 4 point inspection? The inspection starting fee is $225.

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