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outbuilding inspection

Outbuilding Inspection

The other structures and buildings on a property can have just as many unknowns as the principal property. Even worse, these structures are usually not maintained properly, modified by amateur homeowners, and potential damage can go unnoticed for weeks or months during non-occupancy. For Airbnb style outbuilding, it is crucial that the home buyer hires a professional to inspect the structure. For the safety of your guests, this extra inspection fee will be well worth it!

The outbuilding inspection will be conducted just like any other residential home inspection. The inspector will inspect the structure, attic (if existent), electrical systems, heat and cooling systems, plumbing systems, roof covering, exterior components, windows, doors, site conditions that affect the structure, interior components, and build-in appliances.

Structures classified as “outbuilding” are the following; detached garage, guest house, shed, small cottage, and mother-in-law suite.

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