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Why Choose Florida Wisdom Home Inspections?

Home inspection services



Our team is respectful, honest, understanding, attentive, reliable, and friendly. We understand that the trust you have built over the years with your clients must be preserved. We want to maintain that image and reputation by offering the best inspection services. Problems are resolved quickly, questions and concerns are addressed professionally and without delays, and our years of experience in the hospitality industry has laid the groundwork to offer the best customer service.


Excellent Communication

We have your back with appointment email reminders for you and your clients. Our team handles online pre-inspection agreements, scheduling, and payments so you don’t have to worry about it. Before each inspection, a free preparation check-list is sent to the clients, so that they can prepare the property prior to our arrival. They will know exactly what to expect which is going to save you a considerable amount of time. Our inspector offers personalized and customized approach by providing French inspection services. Jessica is bilingual in both English and French languages. Our inspection reports are complete, easy to understand, and are written using complete sentences. Our inspector has excellent writing skills. We offer customer service Monday through Sunday from 9AM to 8PM. Calls are answered immediately and messages are returned in a timely manner.

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Business Network Connections

We have an extensive network of professionals who can make effective and quick repairs when needed. These include; roofers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, pool contractors, and handymans. We work with experts who can help with other services needed such as pest control technicians, septic tank servicers, well contractors, mold remediators, and sewer scope inspectors. We have a vast network of partners (such as property insurance agents, title agents, mortgage lenders, and loan officers) who can help you and your clients when buying a property. We maintain positive relationships with clients and other professionals in our industry.


Trustworthy Relationship

Florida Wisdom Home Inspections wants to create long-term relationships with real estate agents and brokers. We are looking to team up with professionals who care about the well-being of their clients. We would like to partner with communicative, attentive, trustworthy, and honest individuals. Our main priority is to help you and your client, and to make your job easier by providing support and advice before, during, and after the inspection. We strive to provide detailed reports and help our customers in making safe and sound real estate investment decisions.

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Perks & Benefits

You need more than just a home inspector, you need a professional you can rely on. We are here to help you close with confidence.


We are working on Weekends and Holidays!

E&O Protection

Our E&O insurance has referral protection coverage for agents!

Online Booking

We provide easy online access to request inspection services!

Home Warranty

We provide free home warranties with every residential home inspection!

CRL feature

We offer a free repair request list tool to help our agents prepare for the repair addendum!

Free Marketing

We offer our agents free marketing email for life with RecallTrak!

Free recall chek with residential home inspection services

The RecallTrak Signup Portal is the easiest ways for our real estate agents to become registered for free email marketing through our RecallTrak monthly newsletter. Please click the icon to register.

Home Inspection Reports

Our reports are made using HomeGauge Software services which is one of the best home inspector softwares in the industry. With your free HomeGauge dashboard, you can access your client’s report and create a CRL repair list as soon as your inspector has uploaded the inspection report. The reports are easy to understand, well written, and customized to the clients needs.

Our inspection reports describe and identify the inspected systems, structures, and components of the property and list any unsafe or non-functioning conditions that were visible and apparent at the time of the inspection. In the report, you will find videos and pictures to identify defective items. Each component of the home will be classified into different categories for quick navigation and a repair summary will be provided.

Typically, the home inspection report is received within 24 hours. If you or your client has any questions after viewing the report, you can call us at any time.

Once you have viewed the report, you will have access to the innovative "Create Request List (CRL)" feature by HomeGauge. You will be able to create your own repair request list without having to copy and paste every piece of information found in the report. Simply select each deficient component that you would like to include in your repair request list. And done! By using this online program, buyers and agents are able to save time preparing the repair addendum. Watch the video below for more information.

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