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Affordable home inspection services in Palm Beach County

Home Inspection Fees

A home inspection is the key for a successful sound investment.

Please take note that our inspection prices will vary depending on the size, the location, and the age of the house. Larger and older house requires more time and therefore cost more.  Also, additional amenities such as swimming pools or detached buildings will increase the price of the inspection.

Homes built prior to the mid 60’s usually have wood floors with a crawlspace underneath the house. It is crucial to inspect those key structural elements and therefore will require an additional inspection fee of $80.00.

Visit our service page for more information.

We accept: Cash, check, or Zelle transfer.


For credit card payment, a 3.5% additional fee applies.

Affordable home inspection services in Wellington

Residential Home Inspection

Single-family residential or pre-listing home inspection


*Starting at

Single-family residential home inspection,wind mitigation,4 point


*Starting at

Condominium inspection


*Starting at

Roof inspection


*Starting at

Wind mitigation inspection


*Starting at

4 Point inspection


*Starting at

Wind mitigation and 4 Point inspection


*Starting at

Additional Services

"Additional services are offered only in conjunction with a residential home inspection "

Pool and spa inspection


Crawlspace inspection


Outbuilding inspection

$100 (Small)

$175 (Large)

Military discount home inspection
We Offer Military Discount!
A residential home inspection discount will apply for all heroes out there!
Let your inspector know in advance and bring your military ID with you at the time of the inspection.
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