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Home watch services

Home Watch Services:

Since un-occupied properties are vulnerable to unethical workers, storm damage, pest infestation, vandalism, and water damage, it is essential that you hire the right professional to take care of your home in your absence. Hiring a licensed home inspector for your home care needs is an excellent way to protect your property. Home watch inspectors conduct a systematic and comprehensive visit of your home and look for any irregularities to recognize damaging situations in early stages. Then, in the event of a needed repair, they provide guidance every step of the way.

Florida Wisdom Home Inspections provides a reliable home care service called “home watch inspection”. This service is intended for seasonal homeowners, snowbirds, and/or absentee homeowners. Here's how it works; Our Florida licensed home inspector will care for your home while you are away, so that you never have to worry. The inspector will conduct a pre-departure visit, weekly visits, and a pre-arrival visit to make sure everything is in order. Weekly, the interior and exterior of your home will be inspected. Then, after each visit, an online report with pictures and videos will be sent to alert you of the current status of your property.

Our weekly home watch inspection includes:

  • Exterior perimeter walk-through for general security, signs of vandalism, and trespassing

  • Exterior inspection for signs of storm damages

  • Mail, packages, and newspaper retrieval

  • Inspection for signs of damaged sprinklers systems

  • Supervision of pool, housekeeping, and landscape services

  • Air conditioning and thermostat testing

  • Inspection of condensate HVAC line for proper operation

  • Interior plants care

  • Refrigerator and freezer checkup for proper temperature

  • Interior walk-through for visible signs of water intrusion and moisture problems

  • Plumbing valves and water heater checkup for visible signs of leaks

  • Testing of all faucets, toilets, tubs, and showers.

  • Electrical panel checkup for tripped breakers, unusual noises, and visible signs of arcing

  • A full report with pictures and videos

  • Immediate notification of repair needed and guidance along the way

  • Coordination of property maintenance and repairs when needed



  • Monthly exterior roof inspection for visible signs of leaks and damaged roof covering materials

  • Monthly gutter debris buildup checkup

  • Monthly air conditioner filter changes


Other services are available for an additional fee. These include; residential home inspections, pre-listing home inspections, wind mitigation surveys, and 4 point insurance surveys.

Home wacth services in Wellington, Florida

Meet YOUR Inspector

Jessica has successfully passed a background check. She is a licensed, certified, and experienced home inspector who conducts daily home inspection services for homeowners, home sellers, and home buyers. She is caring, organized, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. She sees home watch as a career, not a hobby. Jessica has an entire network of licensed professional such as plumbers, electricians, roofers, HVAC contractors, pool experts, and shutter installers. She is prepared to handle any type of situation when, and if, the time comes.

Peace of mind comes with you knowing that your home is being looked after by the right professional. Call us today for a price quote!

Why consider home watch services?

  1. Utilizing the service of a home watch licensed inspector can prevent unpleasant surprises once you have returned home

  2. Water damage can destroy your un-attended home. Only a small plumbing leak can destroy furniture, drywall, and flooring

  3. An old water heater can burst and flood your home or garage

  4. A non-functioning air handler (AC) can create high humidity levels in your home and lead to mold growth

  5. An AC condensate line can clog, leak, and create water damage

  6. Broken roof tiles can become projectiles and damage your windows during high winds

  7. A heavy storm can break tree branches that can damage your roof covering material and lead to roof leaks

  8. Your home can become a roach hotel

  9. Your landscaping company can damage your sprinkler system heads which can increase your water bills tremendously

  10. Since you are away, your pool maintenance company might skip a week or two of work

  11. Your lawn care maintenance team might come monthly but charge you weekly

  12. A large collection of mail is a clue that no one is home

  13. Home watch prevents intruders by creating a frequent presence  

  14. Knowing your home is safe after a hurricane can help ease your fears

Home watch services in Palm Beach County, Florida

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