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My Home Inspector Found Electrical Defects. Now, What Should I Do?

4 point inspection

I often find electrical defects while completing 4 point inspections, and my clients always wonder what’s next. First thing that you have to know is that electrical defects found during an insurance inspection must be repaired prior to seeking insurance coverage. If the condition of your electrical system is “unsatisfactory”, your insurance agent will (more likely) ask for repairs prior to providing you quotes and/or coverage.

Now, in the state of Florida, electrical companies MUST BE LICENSED to offer electrical repairs and pulling a permit is often required. So, before you go ahead and hire Jojo “the electrician”. You must verify if he/she is licensed with the state of Florida, and if his/her license is “active”. To do that, go to The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation website. Here’s the link: From there, select “search by license number” and click search.

Too often, electrical issues are not corrected the right way because unlicensed professionals are claiming to be licensed but are not… This causes delays with insurance coverage that can affect you (the homeowner), because you now have to pay for an additional electrician visit. Please, do your research ahead of time and hire a licensed electrical contractor to complete any electrical work.

Other things you must know about electricians are the following:

  • Licensed electricians follow NEC (National Electrical Code) guidelines.

  • They provide license number, name, and contact information upon evaluation of the electrical system.

  • They provide an evaluation written document after inspecting an electrical panel.

  • They provide an invoice upon completion of any repairs performed.

  • Electrical contractors have more education and have insurance requirements with the state, so hiring a “licensed electrical contractor” is more beneficial than hiring an electrician.

To conclude, if an electrician does not provide written evaluation documents or proof of repairs, they/she/he are/is, more than likely, NOT LICENSED in the state of Florida.

Florida Wisdom Home Inspections is here for you. We provide guidance before, during, and after your 4 point inspection. Contact us today to schedule your insurance inspection!

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