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Hurricane Home Safety Checklist

Home inspection checklist

In Florida, homeowner’s must prepare their homes for the heavy rainfalls, tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Following these easy steps will help in keeping your home and your family safe. If you don't feel comfortable doing these tasks yourself, please hire the right professionals.

Here's a free “hurricane home safety checklist” you may use to get ready for the summer.

  1. Make sure all openings have hurricane protections. These include: glass blocks, skylights, windows, entry doors, and garage doors.

  2. Make sure all openings have their appropriate hardware in place for quick shutter panel installation.

  3. If you can’t do it yourself, dedicate a person in charge of installing or closing your shutters. Don’t wait last minute!

  4. Organize shutter panels in a readily accessible area.

  5. Replace broken windows and/or doors.

  6. Verify exterior door weather-stripping.

  7. Maintain and seal exterior windows with caulk to prevent water intrusion.

  8. Unclutter the garage for vehicle storage.

  9. Seal exterior siding holes that may potentially cause water penetration and framing damages.

  10. Clean gutters, downspouts and install missing diverters.

  11. Rake excessive leaves, debris, and thatch. Not doing so can kill your grass.

  12. Finally (and most importantly) hire Florida Wisdom Home Inspections for a roof inspection. This will prevent roof leaks and associated damages.

Florida Wisdom Home inspections can make sure your home is hurricane ready. Contact us to schedule your roof inspection and please don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!


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