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Fall Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Here's a free maintenance checklist you may use to help prepare your home for the fall season. In Florida, after heavy summer rainfall and tropical storms, cleaning up is always a necessity. Following these steps will not only help your house look at its best but also help you enjoy the nice upcoming fresh weather. If you don't feel comfortable doing these tasks yourself, please hire the right professional.

Fall Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners
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Following these steps will regenerate your home:

  1. Pressure clean driveways, porches, patios, and screen enclosures.

  2. Conduct a soft wash roof cleaning to remove algae and mildew.

  3. Clean gutters and downspouts.

  4. Install missing downspouts and downspout diverters.

  5. Clean outdoor furniture.

  6. Clean windows and glass doors.

  7. Replace or repair any damaged window or pool cage screens.

  8. Rake excessive leaves or pine needle debris.

  9. Hire a professional to inspect the attic for any roof leaks caused by heavy wind and summer rainfall.

  10. Hire a professional to inspect the roof for damaged shingles or tiles.

  11. Inspect the dryer vent for lint buildup. Clean if necessary.

  12. Call a HVAC technician for an AC tune-up.

  13. Verify the heating system for proper functioning.

  14. Lastly, be careful!!! Never attempt to fix problems yourself. Ask help from a professional.

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