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I Just Bought a House With Plumbing Issues. What Should I Do?

plumbing leak

First thing homebuyers have to know is that plumbing defects found during an inspection should be repaired prior to seeking insurance coverage, especially if your insurance agent is requesting a 4 point inspection. If the condition of your plumbing system is “unsatisfactory” on your 4 point report, your insurance agent will (more than likely) ask for repairs prior to providing quotes and/or coverage.

In the state of Florida, plumbing contractors must be licensed to offer repairs. Permits are also required for water heater change-out, sewer connection, water service connection, re-pipe, drain line replacement, and plumbing addition or remodel. So, before you go ahead and hire Jojo “the plumber”, you must verify if he/she is licensed with the state of Florida, and if his/her license is active. To do that, go to The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation website. Here’s the link: From there, select “search by license number” and click search.

Too often, plumbing components are not installed the right way because unlicensed professionals are doing the work. This can affect you (the new homeowner), because you now have to pay for an additional plumber visit later on. Please, do your research ahead of time and hire a licensed plumbing contractor to complete any plumbing work. They will guide you and apply for the necessary permits to complete the job the right way.

After repairs are made, proof must be sent to your home inspector. That way, he/she will have all of the information necessary to make changes to your 4 point report. Proof of repairs needed are the following:

1) Before and after pictures.

2) An invoice describing the type of repairs performed including the name of the plumbing company, contact information, and license number.

If the plumbing company does not want to provide written documents or proof of repairs, the company is, more than likely, not licensed in the state of Florida. Run! Do not hire them for the job.

Florida Wisdom Home Inspections is here for you. We provide guidance before, during, and after your home inspection. Schedule your insurance inspection today!


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